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Evgeny Gladysh
Goulash it's something special!

  Goulash as a separate part of the bridge appeared in the middle of the last century. But like some other exotic variants such as:
  - a trade with zero-bid in a trade situated between hearts and spades, it meant an obligation not to take a definite amount of tricks (an analogue of mizer). The idea was to give a chance to the owners of weak hands.
  - five-suits the fifth suit was marked with the crown "royals" and upwards of spades, accordingly a pack contained 65 cards hasn't become very popular and nowadays these kinds of the game are known among narrow circle of bidgeplayers.
  A formal difference of goulash from usual bridge is in its special way of dealing cards. After each dealing hands lay on the suits and without coordination played out according to the definite algorithm. The prime algorithm is 5-5-5-5, 5-5-5-5, 3-3-3-3. Algorithms 6-4-3, 6-4-3, 6-4-3, 6-4-3 4-4-4-4, 3-3-3-3, 3-3-3-3, 3-3-3-3 etc. can also be used.
  Surely, types of received apportionments are depend on the concrete algorithm but, in any case, распределения came out rarely abrupt. It's very likely to meet a hand with 13 cards of the same suit.
  As an effect the theoretical computations of usual bridge don't work here (the probability that trumps of the defence'll lay into zero is rather higher than their распределение evenly etc.) Trade systems demand an essential adaptation for being used in goulash (there are special goulash system exist including HUM). There are also differences in techniques of draw and whist.
  Opponents of goulash contend that it's a little monotonous and simple enough, and so it does not worth any serious attention. There is a truth partly, as it's easy to calculate apportionments on whist and draw, a lot of contracts are played with their presentation, often trade consists of 1-2 bids, but there is the reverse of the medal. Goulash is always action! It's hazardous, emotional, fascinating, dynamic, cheerful and (what misses usual bridge) it's spectacular! A player of goulash needs more intuition, also a psychological aspect is very important, not to mention pedagogical aspects for the beginners (quality rating of the suits, strength of an apportionment). That's why I consider that goulash worth rather more and was disregarded very wrongly. I have information that goulash is played from time to time in some rubber clubs of the following countries: Great Britain, France, Poland, Russia, USD and some others. But I've never heard about tournament of goulash. I am trying to fill up this gap and I've organized first goulash tournaments in 90th in USSR, the idea of a serious tournament came later on centuries' boundary and the first NN-Cup tournament was held in 2001. Since that time the tournament has become pretty popular and, what's the most pleasant, acquired a lot of admirers of absorbing and thrilling game GOULASH!
  Play goulash and get unforgettable impressions!

With best wishes, Evgeny Gladysh